Services and Clients

Timberland Investors

  • Valuation Cruise, Cost/Revenue Time Analysis

  • Property Mapping (GIS)

  • Report-Value, Maps (GIS), Data

  • Overall Management Recommendations

Real Estate

  • Valuation cruise- Value of Land and Timber

  • Mapping (GIS)- Timbered stands, Property Boundaries

  • Report- Photos, Respective Values, Combined Value

Timber Industry

  • Inventory- Cruise Design, Data Collection, Project Management, Check Cruising

  • Timer Valuation- Tailored Cruise, Cost/Revenue Time Analysis Report, Photos

  • Mapping (GIS) - Area Types, Roads, Streams, Wildlife Areas, Timer Cruise, Vicinity

Small Woodland Owners

  • Stewardships- Management planning and design tailored to forest types and goals

  • Management Design- Help Identify goals and objectives, written plan to assist in implementation

  • Inventory- Cruise, Volume Estimates, Maps

  • Timber Valuation- Cruise, Value Estimates, Maps, Report

  • Mapping- Property Boundaries, Timber Identification, Photos

  • And More....