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 I, Ethan Harris (owner and founder), have an extensive background in Forestry. I have a Bachelors of Science in Forest Management from Oregon State University. Since 2013, I  have completed countless inventories and timber valuations, plantings, timber markings and carbon cruises in Oregon, Washington, Montana and we have the ability to go beyond.

E Harris Timber Consulting is a continuously growing company looking to add many more clients whether small or large. We understand that many smaller landowners tend to be left out or not accommodated at all. We are here to serve all who need forestry services and advice, no client is to large or too small.

E Harris Timber Consulting is now incorporating drones and drone related technology into the companies portfolio and is continuously looking to adopt new and innovative technologies. As Forestry continues to change, E Harris Timber Consulting will continue to adapt to be on the cutting edge of technology  and resources to deliver timely, quality services to all of our clients.



985 E Grant St Lebanon, OR 97355  Tel: 541-784-7714

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